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R.F.I.D. Technology - Information Systems Essay
The implementation of Radio Frequency Identification Device (R.F.I.D.) technology around the world is both a blessing and a curse. The benefits of these chips to society is undeniable. Theft will become virtually non-

existent, audits of product inventory will no longer be necessary, and standing in line anywhere becomes a ritual of the past. However, the privacy implications created by the use of this technology also give reason for great concern. Everything you buy will be registered to your name and your bank account. Thieves could read every item that is in your home, without ever actually stepping foot inside. In fact everything you have will be readable from a distance. So the purpose of this paper is to explain R.F.I.D. technology, and weigh the pros against the cons, to see if some middle ground can be met where business gains the most and privacy loses the least.

R.F.I.D. is a new consumer goods tracking system. It mixes radio frequency identification with greatly miniaturized computer chips that enable a product to be tracked from its beginning in the manufacturing line to its end on the shelves of a retailer. This technology can be applied to nearly every physical item, ranging from pill bottles (1) to cows (2); humans included (3). This improves the safety of products in as much as it tracks the history of the product. In theory our drugs can’t be counterfeited, as they wouldn’t be able to be tagged, livestock with diseases, such as mad cow, could be traced back to their source farm and a lot of other securities will be available to make the world a safer place, such as making all guns require a corresponding R.F.I.D. implanted to the owner.

R.F.I.D. employs a numbering system called EPC. This stands for Electronic Product Code and is intended to replace the current UPC system.(4) The UPC system only identifies product categories, with the advanced new EPC system having the ability to assign a number to every individual item. This means that your can of Coke is going to have a different number than my can of Coke. And it also means that your can of Coke is registered in your name. Think about that for a moment, we will have the ability to fine people who litter possibly months later, when the school students go and clean out the ditches along highways! This technology also appears to have the ability to keep our streets cleaner, which saves money that could be used somewhere else.

It is worthy to note here that the implementation of R.F.I.D. tags is not a political issue. From a conservative stand point, this technology is a great business tool within a free market capitalist society. The impacts from this technology, towards a business’s ability to continuously track all their products, from assembly through the shipping process, onto retailer’s shelves and out their doors, will revolutionize the business world. And all this money saved logically leads to lower prices for the consumers. In our nations current economic state, lower prices on goods all around is a blessing to every consumer.

On the Liberal side of this issue, we find altogether different benefits. This technology is a blessing for society. It virtually stops all theft from retailers. It’ll help keep the food supply safe. And we could even use it to chip the homeless so society is better able to keep track and care for them.(12) Counterfeiting will no longer be possible when chips are inserted into the currency supply.(15) But the more important argument of the Liberal side is one of security. Security for the children of today and tomorrow. And these tags have the capabilities to ensure the well-being of the elderly, providing those that need it with a type of security blanket which guarantees that medication is taken when needed and making care more readily available.(5) Overall, the privacy issue takes a back seat to the possible benefits from the liberal standpoint.

Although neither the Conservatives nor the Liberals oppose this technology as a political issue, it remains an issue of privacy and the argument should be made. It is an important issue and will become much more so in the next few years. The authors of this paper feel that neither side really discusses or responds to the privacy issue adequately, nor are they moving to do so fast enough. This technology is being pushed for now, by the U.S. top retailer chains, most recently Albertson’s. (6) And since laws tend to take a considerable amount of time be finally agreed upon and passed something needs to also be done now. Yet, the implementation of the tags will bring almost immediate relief to millions of people and businesses. So the question then becomes, can technology fix societal ills?

The implementations of R.F.I.D.’s will alter the very way we live our daily lives. In the grocery store, R.F.I.D.’s will protect unsafe food from being sold by alarming as it gets close to expiring. In the home, parents will no longer have to worry about their children being lost or stolen.(7) With a microchip surgically implanted into the little one’s hand or forehead constantly sending off a helpful signal, if the child gets lost, the parents can rest assured that they are not, and in fact, are nothing more than a properly placed phone call away. Tags in all crates would help solve the recent fears over terrorism and trains coming in from Canada. It would be much harder than it is now to keep items hidden from inspection by authorities.

Even with all these obvious benefits a person can still wonder if tracking and tagging everything is good. And in the process of researching its easy to come across fears of ‘the Mark of the Beast’. In fact, we believe that it’s an argument worth mention. In Revelation 13:16-17 John writes that no one will be able to buy or sell anything without the mark. And that is after all, the ultimate goal of this technology. But if a person doesn’t buy the aspect of religion being involved, then why else would they oppose it?

The negative side to this Alpha-Omega tracking is that it leaves a record of your purchase with whatever business you made a purchase from. And we all know that businesses and the selling of personal data is not a new issue. So the question is, can we trust the major corporations with our personal data? And what about the centralized grand databases that this information is supposed to go in, who is looking in on that data? It is relatively certain that businesses cannot be trusted with our personal information and this point is easily proven by looking at how fast the government do-not-call list overflowed with overjoyed citizens telephone numbers. Too many calls from too much sharing leads the people to say ‘leave us alone’. And too much sharing also led congress to the same conclusion about a different information sharing entity.

Soon after September 11th, DARPA announced its Total Information Awareness program.(13) This program was in essence the final database where everything everyone in America did would finally be stored. Then the program would compare all transactions against everyone else’s to look for any red flags, like dynamite purchases or something that would stick out and be noticed as terrorist activities. As William Safire from the New York Times wrote, “Every purchase you make with a credit card, every magazine subscription you buy and medical prescription you fill, every Web site you visit and e-mail you send or receive, every academic grade you receive, every bank deposit you make, every trip you book and every event you attend – all these transactions and communications will go into what the Defense Department describes as ‘a virtual, centralized grand database’.”(8)

It must now also be said that the funding was cut for this program, but that is besides our point. The fact is, DARPA was researching this project way before September 11th and only brought it into the public eye as a supposed reaction to terrorism. This program seems to be a case of Hegalian dialectic or problem-reaction-solution. This program however, is not the solution to terrorism and congress thought the same. And even though the funding was cut, all it takes is another big attack on our homeland to bring back this program. Even Dave Obey said that an attack is not preventable at this time.

The government did not fully end Total Information Awareness. In essence, all they really did was move the research and it’s data-mining computer programs to other branches of the government, such as the CIA, NSA, and FBI etc. and gave new names to the various parts of the program.. (9) For example, in a February 24, 2004 Homeland Security Press Release (10), the government states speaking about the launch of their Joint Regional Information Exchange System (JRIES) is, “...An integrated component of the wider DHS Information sharing and collaboration architecture (author’s emphasis) that will help provide situational awareness, information and collaboration across the 50 states, U.S. territories, and major urban areas.” And it is these various ‘components’ that are coming from the supposedly closed TIA program. It is possible to see this as a kind of Orwellian doublespeak because the funding was cut, but then the components and programs start to actually be used. (Our chocolate rations must have been increased.)

I would like to say that this is one of the big reasons why this isn’t a political issue. As you know, the Liberal side of the issue wants to give the government control over this technology. They feel that the American government is reliable and innocent enough to be trusted with control over the data and the data-mining, while at the same time exclaiming how it could never turn out as a privacy issue if we let the feds have jurisdiction over how and how much R.F.I.D.’s can be used and what can be done with the data. Why would you give the power to control the technology, to the same entity that wants to use the data from it to spy on you and have been caught doing it? (14) And to the argument that says ‘if you ain’t got nothing to hide what, do you have to worry for?’... Ben Franklin responds, “Protect even your enemy from oppression, lest you establish a precedent that reaches to yourself.” It just doesn’t make logical sense when looking at the big picture.

And it’s also the same from the lassie faire Conservative side. Let the corporations be, it’s a free market. But this leaves another entity in power of the data, who is just as irresponsible and deceitful as some branches of our government. So again, do you want to give control of this technology to corporations, who we know cannot be trusted with our personal data? Obviously not.

It is also hard to come to some middle ground on this aspect of R.F.I.D. technology. Of the 103 major funders for the Auto-Id center’s project, 5 of them are from the government (USPS, DoD, and others). Eight of the top ten U.S. retailers including Wal-Mar , Target, and Home Depot are also major contributors. Many of Britain’s major chains such as Tesco are on the list. (11) So is a mix of both corporate and government control any better when they are both funding the research and potential usage of it? We have to say no and use the analogy that they are both arms on the same beast. And some kind of compromise is needed immediately.

If some compromise cannot be met, then this technology should be restricted or at least regulated. When this is done a chance will be given for the law to catch up with the technology, which progresses at a faster rate than the law. If the technology must be implemented now, then all products with tags in them should be labeled so the consumers can know what they’re buying. All tags should be turned off when a consumer leaves the store. Instant registration of products should not be put into effect without the proper laws and procedures in place. Tags should be placed on the products packaging instead of on the product at all times if possible. Remember, technology alone does not solve society’s problems.


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The evolution of RFID security
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Since its invention in the 1940s, RFID has been an obvious target for abuse. Wireless identification is a powerful capability, and RFID reveals both a physical object's nature and location. Anyone can easily gain unauthorized access to RFID data because they don't

Unidirectional Key Distribution Across Time and Space with Applications to RFID Security.
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ABSTRACT Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology promises benefits that accrue from being able to identify and track individual goods in commercial supply chains. This helps in inventory management, reduces theft, can be used in conjunction with other Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) has recently received a lot of attention as an augmentation technology in manufacturing, SCM, and retail inventory control. However, widespread deployment of RFID tags may create new threats to security and privacy of

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S Srinivasan, A Aggarwal, A Kumar WSEAS Transactions on 2006 wseas.us ABSTRACT Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is emerging as an important tool with applications in a variety of fields. The major concern regarding RFID is the ubiquitous nature of its deployment that extends far beyond the capabilities of any of the tools

Enhancing security of EPCglobal Gen-2 RFID against traceability and cloning
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ABSTRACT In this whitepaper, we present a synchronization-based communication protocol for EPCGlobal Class-1 Gen-2 RFID devices. The Class-1 Gen-2 RFID tag supports only simple cryptographic primitives like Pseudo-random Number Generator (PRNG) and Cyclic

Security and Performance Evaluation of Lightweight Cryptographic Algorithms in RFID
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ABSTRACT This paper analyzes the security and performance of lightweight encryption algorithms, which are used in RFID applications. Four of the most popular algorithms which are TEA, HIGHT, KATAN, and KLEIN are implemented on AVR Atmel ATtiny45

Low cost RFID systems: confronting security and privacy
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Security Analysis of a Cryptographically-Enabled RFID Device.
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ABSTRACT We describe our success in defeating the security of an RFID device known as a Digital Signature Transponder (DST). Manufactured by Texas Instruments, DST (and variant) devices help secure millions of SpeedPassTM payment transponders and automobile

A Survey of RFID Deployment and Security Issues.
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ABSTRACT This paper describes different aspects of a typical RFID implementation. Section 1 provides a brief overview of the concept of Automatic Identification and compares the use of different technologies while Section 2 describes the basic components of a typical RFID

Tutorial: Proxmark, the swiss army knife for RFID security research
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Chapter 1: Library RFID Systems for Identification, Security, and Materials Handling
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Chapter 1 of Library Technology Reports (vol. 48, no. 5)RFID in Libraries: A Step toward Interoperability discusses RFID systems being used by libraries today, which include tags, readers, and software. Libraries place tags in books and other library material to speed

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In side channel analysis, an attacker utilizes some legitimate function queries in order to collect the corresponding responses of a cryptographic system while it is functioning in a normal mode. If those responses reveal some unwanted information about the secrecy or

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ABSTRACT In this paper, we analyze the security vulnerabilities of a family of ultra-lightweight RFID mutual authentication protocols: LMAP [13], M2AP [14] and EMAP [15], which are recently proposed by Peris-Lopez et al. We identify two effective attacks, namely de-

A Brief Survey on RFID Privacy and Security.
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ABSTRACT In this survey we take a look at different approaches proposed in the literature for addressing the privacy and security issues derived from the Radio-Frequency IDentification (RFID) deployment. We concentrate on the lack of privacy that RFID users can suffer from,

Low Overhead RFID Security
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A radio frequency identification device (RFID) technology is poised to revolutionize supply- chain management and retail industry [29]. An RFID system consists of a tag, a reader, and a database. An RFID tag is a miniature electronic circuit that is capable of elementary

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W Shao-hui, H Zhijie, L Sujuan, C Dan-wei 2012 eprint.iacr.org ABSTRACT. One of the key problems in Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is security and privacy. Many RFID authentication protocols have been proposed to preserve security and privacy of the system. Nevertheless, most of these protocols are analyzed and it is shown

Security Requirements for RFID Computing Systems.
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ABSTRACT Many security and privacy protocols for RFID systems have been proposed [8, 13, model. Often the model was introduced by the creator of the protocol, in some cases GC Dalton II, KS Edge, RF Mills Journal of Security and 2010 Inderscience The commercial use of the internet has grown to a point where much of the world's economy is reliant on its ability to securely provide connectivity for most businesses and government agencies. Additionally the use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technologies has

Privacy and security requirements for RFID applications
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ABSTRACT. This paper surveys recent technical researches on the problems of privacy and security for various applications in radio frequency identification (RFID). Most RFID system try to design a high level security, but not all of the RFID applications need it. The cost will While RFID technology has greatly facilitated visible supply chain management, designing a secure and efficient RFID-tagged supply chain system is still a challenge. To achieve high security and efficiency at the same time, we categorise RFID-tagged supply chain

RFID-Tags: Privacy and Security Issues
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RFID-tag equipped with a coating PUF–Removing the PUF leads to destruction–Attacker can not tamper with the communication between PUF and tag–PUF-output is inaccessible to an attacker A unique, secret bit-string S is derived from the Coating PUF.–(helper data/

Embedded security analysis of RFID devices
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T Kasper, IC Paar, DID Carluccio Master's thesis, Ruhr 2006 imperia.rz.rub.de When the notion of Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) arose in the 1940s, it was used for identification of objects, ie, allied airplanes by the military forces [46]. The socalled active tags needed a power supply, had rather large dimensions and carried small amounts of

An introduction to RFID–information security and privacy concerns
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Abstract This report is written as part of the course TDDC03 Information Security at Linkping Institute of Technology. It aims to give an introduction to RFID, point out the current and future uses of the technology and to evaluate and discuss the technology from

Non-deterministic lightweight protocols for security and privacy in RFID environments
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ABSTRACT. The permanent need for lightweight protocols has been recently stimulated by emerging ubiquitous computing in which devices with limited computing resources are going to play an important role. Preserving security and privacy in such environments is

RFID-based positioning systems for enhancing safety and sense of security in Japan
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ABSTRACT RFID technology provides us with an economically feasible means to build reliable positioning infrastructure at scale, which can be used to implement safety-enhancing applications for citizens. Embedding computing and communication capabilities in our

Security and privacy in rfid protocols
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Abstract This work focuses on Privacy and Security aspects in RFID protocols. RFID is a promising technology which in the near future will surely simplify several everyday actions and lead to many new applications. These new possibilities do not come for free as a big

Rfid security
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Background The smaller the public exponent in the RSA public-key encryption or RSA digital signature schemes, the more efficient the encryption process is. Michael O. Rabin thus suggested to use e= into an encryption scheme []. But things are not as simple as

Review: Security threats for RFID-sensor network anti-collision protocol
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ABSTRACT The limitless possibilities and low cost are the reasons Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) systems are used in a variety of applications to uniquely identify physical objects. The operation of RFID systems often involves a situation in which

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ABSTRACT The RFID market in Europe is growing. It is expected that in 2007 the market exceeds 2.5 billions USD. Unfortunately, despite of benefits of the technology some problems remaining. One of them is security. Many different attacks have been described

An RFID agricultural product and food security tracking system using GPS and wireless technologies
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R Hornbaker, V Kindratenko Conference on Precision 2004 ncsa.illinois.edu ABSTRACT In this paper we outline a system for tracking grain using GPS a new RFID grain chip technology. The system will enable tagging the location of the grain origination within individual fields. Attribute information including, for example, origination of variety seed

Security and Privacy in RFID Systems
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We then turn to S UASH, a message authentication code built around a public-key encryption scheme, namely Rabin's scheme. By mounting a practical key recovery attack on the earlierversionofS UASH, weshowthatthesecurityofall versionsofS UASHisunrelated to

RFID Security and Privacy
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A Danish startup named RFIDSec, however, is developing Zeroleak, a new approach to tag security. Zeroleak aims to protect consumers' privacy while allowing a tag to function after the item is purchased. Zeroleak tags will use a zero-knowledge authentication protocol

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Page 1. RFID Tags: Privacy and Security without Cryptography Ari Juels $1.00 Legislation and technology most effective in concert Privacy is just one of many RFID-related security issues! – As Extended Internet , RFID represents extension of traditional security perimeter

Comparison of various security protocols in RFID
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ABSTRACT Paper presents a brief overview of RFID technology and protocols used in it. The paper becomes a foot step in analysis and contrasting Kill Tag, Hash-Lock, Enhanced Hash Lock, Selective Blocker Tag, Tag Broker Model and Molnar Wagner controlled

Strengthen RFID Tags Security Using New Data Structure
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ABSTRACT. RFID was first proposed as a technology for the automatic identification of objects. However, some recent RFID devices can provide additional objects information and can be used for other applications. Security requirement is essential in most of the applications.

The Future Security Challenges in RFID.
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Security analysis of a new ultra-lightweight RFID protocol and its improvement
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Abstract. Retrieval of texture images, especially those with different orientation and scale changes, is a challenging and important problem in image analysis. This paper adopts spiking cortical model (SCM) to explore geometrical invariant texture retrieval schemes

Security in low cost RFID
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ABSTRACT RFID systems, and indeed other forms of wireless technology, are now a pervasive form of computing. In the context of security and privacy, the most threatening (to privacy) and vulnerable (to insecurity) are the 'low cost RFID systems'. The problems are further SD Rihs International Journal of Enterprise Network 2009 Inderscience The use of radio frequency identification (RFID) in supply chains has received a lot of attention from academia and practitioners in the recent past. Due to important gains in efficiency and visibility in the supply chain, a widespread adaptation is expected to make

Security threats and challenges for RFID and WSN integration
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MB Shemaili, CY Yeun, K Mubarak of RFID Security and 2012 infonomics-society.org ABSTRACT Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) are the combined technologies that will spread in the near future to enter all of our everyday activities. However, the security of these technologies is very much vulnerable. Adding

Security and privacy in two RFID deployments, with new methods for private authentication and rfid pseudonyms
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DA Molnar 2006 dmolnar.com In the near future, millions of people will interact directly with a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) device. In RFID, a tag is applied to an item or a container. The tag can then be interrogated via radio waves by an RFID reader to return a small amount of

Semi-passive RFID development platform for implementing and attacking security tags
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ABSTRACT In the last few years RFID technology has become a major driver of various businesses like logistics, supply-chain management, and access control. Many of these applications base on the successful implementation of security services on the RFID tag

RFID system: Design parameters and security issues
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ABSTRACT Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a technology that automatically identifies the objects in its vicinity by incorporating readers, tags and backend servers all together, forming a system that has been proved to

Smart RFID Security, Privacy, and Authentication
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Radio frequency identification (RFID) is an automatic identification method, used to transmit the identity such as serial number of objects or subjects (people) wirelessly, through radio waves. RFID technology is a new promising technology that will spread in the near future

RFID Technology: An Analysis of Privacy and Security Issues
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ABSTRACT As Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology becomes pervasive in our lives, literally woven into the fabric of our society, there exists the danger to personal privacy, loss of anonymity, and violation of location privacy to all individuals. Even cash, which

RFID Security and Privacy
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This paper surveys technical research on the problems of privacy and security for RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) RFID tags are small, wireless devices that help identify people and objects. Thanks to falling costs, they are likely to proliferate into the billions in RFID security is a relatively new research area. Within less than a decade, a large number of research papers dealing with security issues of RFID technology have appeared. In the first part of this paper, we attempt to summarise current research in the field of RFID security

RFID–It's all about security
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America, where communications are expensive and/or unreliable. For systems integrators, the value is clear: The additional functionality enabled by cryptographically secure storage on a token allows integrators to develop higher-value products and services to their

Implantable RFID Chips: Security versus Ethics
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ABSTRACT. Implantable RFID chips are being seen as a potential security device in near future with the application oriented availability of these chips in marketplace. The applications are seen in a wide domain from health monitoring to emergency solutions, but there is a

The Design of Intelligent Campus Security Attendance System Based on RFID, GSM and Zig-Bee
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VBG Krishna, SCSNR Babu, KS Ravi 2012 academia.edu As the number of valuables owned by college students increases, means of criminal theft becomes more intelligent and hidden. But students security awareness is relatively weak, which results in frequent campus thefts and has bad effect on teachers, students and the

Embedded security system using RFID GSM
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ABSTRACT The petroleum products are one of the valuable and rare creations of the nature. The proper use and distribution is important task to survive these products. Our system may be the first approach towards security of petroleum products distribution such as petrol,

Using RFID to enhance mobile banking security
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ABSTRACT Mobile banking is introducing a new generation of location-independent financial services using mobile terminals. This facilitates allowing users to make payments, check balances, transfer money between accounts and generate statements of recent

A Cross-Layer Solution to Improve Security and Privacy in RFID Systems
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Summary Due to advances in silicon manufacturing technology, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) systems are useful in many applications such as automobile immobilizers, animal tracking, payment systems, automatic toll collection and inventory

An approach to security and privacy of RFID systems in anti-desynchronization
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Summary Radio-frequency identification (RFID, for short) is regarded as a fundamental technology for ubiquitous services and thus a growing security and privacy concern goes along with its applications integrated into everyday life, often in an invisible way. The

Improving Baggage Tracking, Security and Customer Services with RFID in the Airline Industry
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ABSTRACT Radio frequency identification (RFID) has been identified as one of the ten greatest contributory technologies of the 21st Century. This technology has found a rapidly growing market, and an increasing variety of enterprises are employing RFID to improve the

White Paper RFID Tag Security
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BRIDGE (Building Radio frequency IDentification for the Global Environment) is a 13 million Euro RFID project running over 3 years and partly funded ( 7, 5 million) by the European Union. The objective of the BRIDGE project is to research, develop and implement tools to

Classification of RFID Threats based on Security Principles
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ABSTRACT RFID technology is an area currently undergoing active development. An issue, which has received a lot of attention, is the security risks that arise due to the inherent vulnerabilities of RFID technology. Most of this attention, however, has focused on related

Security Flows and Improvement of a Recent Ultra Light-Weight RFID Protocol
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ABSTRACT In this paper, we analyze the security vulnerabilities of SSL-MAP, an ultra- lightweight RFID mutual authentication protocol recently proposed by Rama N, Suganya R. We present two effective attacks, a desynchronization attack and a full-disclosure attack, ML Ruz, F Vazquez International Journal of Internet Protocol 2009 Inderscience This paper presents the first study of application of the RFID technology as industrial security method. On the basis of a Series 2000 reader of Texas Instrument, a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) prototype has been designed using a Microchip microcontroller, which handles a

Security for RFID-based Applications in Smart Home Environment
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ABSTRACT These days, the concept of Smart Home or Ubiquitous Home Network System is becoming more popular. It is anticipated that Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Mobile RFID technologies would play a major role in such an environment. At the outset

Security Protocol for Write-once/Read-many Low-cost RFID Tags
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ABSTRACT Lightweight security protocols are considered to be a promising security strategy for RFID. There is a special kind of tag, called a write-once/read-many low-cost tag, whihc has no computational capability and can be considered to be the most limited system. This

The study of RFID authentication protocols and security of some popular RFID tags
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A radio frequency identification (RFID) system consists of three components: radio frequency (RF) tags (or transponders), RF readers (or transceivers), and a backend server. Tag readers inquire tags of their contents by broadcasting an RF signal, without physical

Tollgate Billing And Security Of Vehicle Using RFID
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ABSTRACT This paper deals with an improved form of tollgate billing system. An efficient utilization of communication link between RF Modems over a wireless channel to facilitate vehicle monitoring, vehicle authentication and automated toll collection on the highways is

Privacy Enhanced Authentication Protocol for RFID Tag System Security
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Summary Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system is now becoming widely accepted for many ubiquitous computing applications. However, RFID system has some privacy problems. Therefore, many researches results related to security and privacy in RFID

Enhanced Hash chain based scheme for security and privacy in RFID systems
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ABSTRACT The research Paper describes security and privacy issues in RFID systems and proposes a new enhanced algorithm. Our proposed protocol is an enhancement over Sang- Soo Yeo and Sung Kwon Kim protocol and it provides better security and privacy.

A Security Mechanism for library management system using low cost RFID tags
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V NagaLakshmi, I Rameshbabu, DL Bhaskari Department of Computer 2007 iiisci.org ABSTRACT Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) systems will become pervasive in our daily lives due to their low cost and easy to use characteristics . This paper presents a methodology of using low cost RFID tags for a library management system to protect the

RFID-enabled Innovative Solutions Promote Container Security
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ABSTRACT In this paper we address the container security problem and we investigate RFID- enabled innovative solutions to confront it. To that end, initially we set the scene of the problem by reporting existing security problems in ocean container transport and

RFID–Facts and Myths, Risks and Security
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Applications based on radio frequency identification (RFID) are significantly more prevalent. RFID, a short-range wireless technology, is used by access-control systems for authentication such as opening a door or deactivating a car's anti-theft system. In the retail

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