Difference And Diversity Essay

The Importance of Diversity in Counselling Contexts Essay

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C0602- Counselling contexts
Tutor: Kevin Hogan
Submission date: 31st May 2013

‘The importance of diversity in counselling contexts’

The importance of diversity in counselling has been the subject of much research over the last 50 years Patterson (1996) and is aimed at preventing inequalities among different population groups regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, social class, age, physical abilities and religious beliefs/beliefs. (Patterson, 1996)
When considering the different contexts in which counselling takes place, diversity appears to be the most distinguishing factor that is linked to client satisfaction Hankins (2007) and is aimed at providing a more ‘universal system of counselling’. (Patterson, 1996,…show more content…

Systematic family therapy is aimed at professional counsellors and healthcare staff offering counselling skills. Its origins derived from earlier works in the 1950’s Stratton (2011) and the emphasis of systematic therapy was placed on understanding psychological difficulties within relationships (Boston, 2000). Systematic Family therapy has being identified as very effective (Stratton , 2011). However some criticisms suggest that it may be less effective than individual therapy if working with children or adolescents (Stratton, 2011).
Religious settings highlighted that only professional counsellors belonging to professional bodies offered counselling services (West, 2001; Rye et al, 2000 and Thorne, 1991). It was also emphasised that although counselling in Britain is not underpinned by religion Woodruff (2002) that it does have its ‘roots in religious forms’ (West, 2001, p. 415). For example the act of forgiveness was seen as a key competent of spiritual pastoral care West (2001) and also was identified to be used amongst many therapist today (West 2001). It was also suggested that pastoral counselling played a large part in the establishment of The BACP West (1998) which is the ethical framework that counsellors are required to adhere to. (Moore & Roberts, 2010)
The benefits of religious counselling is it’s proven efficacy Nathaniel (2005) that illustrates clients as experiencing a greater feeling of closeness within the

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