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Import Export Coordinator Resume Objective

An Import Export Coordinator is an important part of any business that deals with the shipping and receiving of goods. A person who holds this position will be responsible for communicating between various shipping companies and handling much of the shipping needs of a particular business. A good resume objective will show that you have all the required skills necessary to function well in such a position.

What the Import Export Coordinator Resume Objectives Should Tell Prospective Employers

A great resume objective should let your prospective employers know that you have the skills, background and experience necessary to fill the role of Import Export Coordinator. This type of position requires the use of many different skills, including customer service training, persuasion techniques, management experience, knowledge of economics both in a micro and macro setting and strong communication skills. An ideal resume objective should highlight that you meet these requirements through your education and work experience.

Sample Import Export Coordinator Resume Objectives

When writing your resume objective, be sure to include the name of the position you are applying for, as well as the name of the company to which you are applying. This will show your potential employer that you are a serious candidate who has taken time to tailor your resume to their needs.

1. Motivated individual with bachelor’s degree in economics and a background in management seeking Import Export Coordinator position at ABC company.

2. Import export professional with 10+ years of experience and strong communication skills in search of Import Export Coordinator position at ABC company.

3. Looking for Import Export Coordinator position at ABC company which will allow for the use of a bachelor’s degree in economics, outstanding communication skills and customer service training.

4. Experienced shipping manager with customer service background and experience in economics looking for position with ABC company as an Import Export Coordinator.

5. Recent graduate with bachelor’s degree in microeconomics and experience in customer service in search of Import Export Coordinator position with ABC company.

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Import Export Coordinator Resume Samples

Import Export Coordinators receive and deliver goods from abroad. As part of the trade operation process, they collaborate with retailers and distributors and liaise between sales groups and international clients. Required skills often mentioned on an Import Export Coordinator resume sample are strong communication skills, computer competences, leadership, teamwork, a good understanding of world economy, and knowledge of a foreign language. Successful resumes make display of a Bachelor’s Degree and training in management, trade, and business.

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Import Export Coordinator

  • Provided customer service related functions for domestic and international accounts.
  • Scheduled, prioritized and processed containerized ocean export shipments.
  • Responsible for tracking and clearing Air / Ocean imports and arranged for timely delivery of cargo to customers.
  • Created bills of lading, packing lists and other shipment paperwork using in-house databases.
  • Worked closely with overseas agents to fulfill customer requests and orders in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Invoiced customers for air/ocean freight charges, customs clearance, etc. using FMS/AS400.

Transportation Dispatcher/import Export Coordinator

  • Directly in charge of coordinating daily operations for Eagle and Box services.
  • Acted as liaison between drivers and customers, which included scheduling, managing, and training.
  • Arranged, processed, and tracked domestic and international shipments for customers as well as new clients.
  • Handled inquiries from new clients and current customers, as well as monitored quality assurance and resolved complaints or issues with any orders or containers.
  • Managed invoicing and recordkeeping as well as driver payroll.

Import Export Coordinator

Promoted to lead development, implementation, and administration for export policy, procedures, practices, and programs to more than 2000 employees. Executed Export compliance programs and training to all employees and assist in the audits of various offices abroad in Taiwan and China with encryption technology. Lead import export team on Dr. Deming philosophy process improvements.

  • Make cost analysis for reduction of product development, freight, and duties. Make recovery of duties through request of binding rulings; prepare post-importation claims, protest, and duty drawbacks submissions.
  • Analyze and evaluates U.S. Custom's programs and other international trade agreements for the reduction of duties in the importation of products.
  • Freight Cost reduction by 25%

Import Export Coordinator III

  • Increased efficiency by applying best practices from the US Customer Service. Implemented KPI that reduced lead time from order entry until arrival to Brazil's Distribution Center from 65 days to 40 days
  • Identified need and introduced backorder report with the Supply Chain team and Planners, provided proactive information on Estimated Time of Arrival that increased internal/external customer satisfaction.
  • Primary SAP trainer for Brazil management team. Enhanced training on Intercompany orders and Material Master content reduced time to clear customs and failed shipments.

Freight Collections/ Import Export Coordinator

Conducted over one million dollars in daily transactions.

  • Generated client and shipment reports to ensure timely payments.
  • Processed, monitored, and approved customer refunds.
  • Managed master-safe and petty cash-safe.

Import Export Coordinator

  • Export and import coordinator includes dealing with existing accounts and calls from Middle East Countries.
  • Prepared documents, requirements, reports, product proposals and price quotations.
  • Processed, executed authorizations, substitutions, orders, replacements, and credit memos.

Import Export Coordinator

  • Coordinated the efforts of vendors, freight forwarders, and warehouses to ensure the smooth flow of products throughout every phase of the supply chain.
  • Generated purchase orders and maintained open product balances and due dates.
  • Worked with vendors to resolve critical issues affecting quality and delivery.

Import Export Coordinator

In-charge in coordinating with Customs brokers for the immediate release of shipments under indent purchase orders and ensure that items are delivered and received @ site.

  • Coordinate to person in charge in pier operation for unloading/loafing of cargoes for delivery to mine site.
  • Preparation of daily status report for indent purchase orders.
  • Preparation of Bank Guaranty for indent orders under Letter of Credit.
  • In-charge of LTO registration of imported service vehicles.
  • Process renewal accreditation of companies with the Bureau of Customs.
  • Checks of billings of Customs brokers for approval of Import/Export Officer.
  • Process application of ATRIG (Authority to Release Imported Goods) with BIR re importation that required upon customs release/approval.

Air/ocean - Import Export Coordinator

Work with airline and ocean carriers' traffic documentation and shipping procedures

  • Completed all export documentation for a shipment.
  • Manage customer service correspondence.
  • Coordinate booking with airlines and confirm rates and inform agent / client.
  • Follow-up on departure of cargo.
  • Assure that all vendor invoices have been received, bill file and transfer to accounting.
  • TSA Security Coordinator
  • Import documentations (7512 Form)

Import Export Coordinator

Identify incoming documents to insure that required documents are received.

  • Obtain arrival information from co-loaders/carriers.
  • Coordinate carriers release, submit BOL and freight payments.
  • Coordinate and prepare entry summary when required.
  • Monitor Custom's release of shipments.
  • Communicate shipment status to costumers.
  • Arrange final delivery of shipments.


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