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The Ideal Mate Essay

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Ideal Mate

Throughout one's entire life, they search for that perfect soul mate to live a happy and lasting life together. Many young adults are facing challenges when selecting a suitable mate who they would hope to enjoy marital success. A perfect spouse is impossible to find, but an ideal one may be easier. The guidelines I will use to select my mate are I would look for someone who is honest, committed, respectful, loving and well-educated person because these qualities are vital for me. These qualities are important for a lifetime relationship and that will be a lasting marriage.
When looking for an ideal mate there are different thing people tend to look at and various qualities that they should have. A quality that my ideal…show more content…

I want a guy with a caring, thoughtful, and compassionate personality who would be a good husband and a good father too. I want to find someone who doesn’t pretend to be someone else, because I want to accept him for who he really is.
Another large factor in relationships is how both view the subject of religion. In my case, my ideal mate would practice the same religion because I think if someone belongs to the same religious community it makes it more likely that they will share common expectations for family life. Also studies show that a couple of the same religious community will enjoy each other’s company and would have a lasting marriage (Maureen, 2003). I also think in a relationship there has to be some type of physical attraction. In my ideal mate, I would look for someone who is tall, handsome, and almost the same age as me because I don’t want a big age gap between us. Most times a divorce happens due to issues with money. I plan to get through university and hold a stable career. I think it is very important to be able to support one's self first. In an ideal mate I would look for someone who is well-educated and has career goals.
To find my ideal mate I would date because I think it is good method for choosing a suitable marriage partner. In this process I can experience one on one interaction with a person and to get to know more about the person which includes their personality and qualities. I can

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There are many things I look for in a relationship and in a partner, loyalty and respect being at the top. A relationship is based completely on loyalty and the trust that you must have in your partner. I would never want my partner to make me feel like I was a second choice or not good enough for them, just as much as I would not want my partner to feel that way. Loyalty is about support and allegiance, my partner needs to support my decisions and my goals one-hundred percent. Respect is to admire your partner’’s abilities and achievements and to never put them down. A relationship is two sided and must stay balanced for it to be healthy and functioning. I plan on working at a job I love and being very successful when I grow up, I hope the same for my husband. If my husband were more successful than me it wouldn’t bother me in the slightest and if it were the opposite I would not want a partner that felt threatened or second best.

I could not be with someone that didn’t aspire to achieve great things in life. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is also very important that is why I want a partner that motivates me to stay fit and to eat healthy. I do not want a husband that is lazy and content with whatever is given to him. We will strive together to be active and be able to live a long and happy life. Being fit is important to me because I love to travel and to explore and go on adventures, I need a partner that also enjoys these things. Wanting to travel to many different countries and explore new things is something my ideal partner would definitely need to be interested in. I want kids and my partner must too. Couples often get into serious relationships without knowing what the other person might want in the future. My ideal partner would want to live the same life that I do.

That is why it is important that I marry someone that is interested in having at least two kids, I want to be able to start a family of my own. Finally my partner must be attractive. Although physical attraction is not what to base a relationship on it, it can’t hurt. Having an attractive partner can only be beneficial, it can boost confidence and make you more compelled to enjoy the time you spend together. I would like to marry someone that I enjoy looking at everyday. I want my husband to be tall and to be muscular, who could argue that? Ha. In conclusion my ideal partner would be a combination of many different qualities. It is someone that I can trust and feel I can confide anything to. It is someone that respects me, and my aspirations. It is someone that wants to travel the world and see new things. It is someone that wants kids and to have a family. It is someone that is physically attractive and fit. My ideal partner will treat me as his equal.

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