Richard Dawkins Vs Feminism Essay

Outspoken atheist writer Richard Dawkins took to Twitter this week to air concerns about the status of women in Islam. Needless to say, his unsolicited advice to a religion of 1.6 billion people didn't sit well with many.

"Change must come from within our global Muslim society," British philanthropist Yasmin Choudry responded on Twitter.

Others challenged Dawkins for what they saw as his patronizing tone. Muslim women have "been through this before," Hind Makki, a well-known Muslim blogger, told The Huffington Post.

"When Europe began colonizing Muslim lands at the turn of the 20th century, we were told by white European men that their dismantling of our religious, economic, cultural, and political systems were for our own good -- that we Muslim women needed saving from Muslim men, by Christian European men."

Makki's response to such outreach? "No thanks," she said.

Muslim activist Linda Sarsour said she was "tired of non-Muslims commenting on what Islam is or isn't." She added: "As a Muslim woman, I have the agency to tell you that Islam is a feminist religion and informs my role and positions on women's rights issues. I am a feminist because I am Muslim." 

Dawkins stood by his earlier tweet, writing:

Though the sentiment Dawkins expressed on Twitter Thursday may come from a good place, his argument ignores the fact that many Muslim women choose to wear the hijab and other forms of coverings -- and feel empowered doing so. 

And as Sarsour mentioned, countless Muslim women and men are already working for women's rights and challenging stereotypes that are too-often perpetuated in the media.

Dawkins pointed to child marriage, female genital mutilation and other atrocities in some countries as evidence of Islam's inherent bias against women.

He may want to revisit Reza Aslan's explanation of why it's problematic to make generalizations about "the Muslim world":

Women's rights is an issue that governments, religious institutions, and communities the world over must address, and there is certainly a long way to go. But by pointing the finger at one religion, Dawkins seems to suggest that the rest of the world has figured out women's equality -- which it very much has not.

 Qasim Rashid, a prominent Muslim author and lawyer, offered his own advice to Dawkins, tweeting:

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Question: Is Richard Dawkins a man filled with courage, truth, and conviction or is he a cowardly, agnostic pantywaist who is afraid of Islam?

First, we found out that Richard Dawkins abandoned his militant atheism and became an agnostic (see: Richard Dawkins and agnosticism). Stephen Colbert declared: "What is an agnostic but an atheist without any balls?"[2]

Second, to further help answer this question, consider this excerpt from that was quoted from a column at

So Mary Kenny thinks that there are more atheist men than women, and that this is the result of some sort of attempt at overt manliness on their part. She really must try to pay attention - to Richard Dawkins, for example whom one could hardly describe as being the epitome of machismo."[3][4]

Richard Dawkins lacks machismo? Of course, no man with machismo fears Islam and there is ample evidence that Richard Dawkins has an extreme case of Islamophobia (See: Richard Dawkins and Islamophobia).

Richard Dawkins is dismissive of the concept of Islamophobia and declared: "I’m always being accused of Islamophobia, that’s a non-word."[5] Dawkins' denial that the word Islamophobia is a word in the English language is a classic case of a man living in denial.

Whether or not not Dawkins' fans wish to admit or not, Dawkins turns into a quivering bowl of jelly whenever he sees burkas, hookah bars, figs, dates, shish kebabs and camels!

Of course, this further proves that Richard Dawkins lacks machismo! (See: Does Richard Dawkins have machismo?).

Richard Dawkins vs. Feminists/Muslims and Dawkins' Waterloo

See also: Richard Dawkins "Dear Muslima" Elevatorgate letter

Richard Dawkins "Dear Muslima"Elevatorgate letter sparked a large wave of criticism from individuals within the secular population who felt he was trivializing misogny within the secular community (see: Elevatorgate news stories).

As a result of Elevatorgate controversy, Dawkins saw a large loss of influence within the secular population and the public at large (see: Richard Dawkins' loss of influence).

Richard Dawkins web traffic loss post "Dear Muslima" letter and Elevatorgate

Unlike Napoléon Bonaparte, Richard Dawkins failed to take his Waterloo like a man

See also:Unlike Napoléon Bonaparte, Richard Dawkins failed to take his Waterloo like a man

For agnostics and atheists who are challenged in terms of interpreting the above graphs, let me offer an interpretation in terms of score keeping:

Richard Dawkins 0

Feminists 1

Muslims 1

If only Richard Dawkins wasn't obsessed with Muslims, his Elevatorgate Waterloo could have been avoided!

Like the evolutionist Adolf Hitler, Dawkins made the mistake of conducting a multi-front war. Dawkins was a such an eager beaver to attack the Muslims on his right flank, that he completely forgot about the feminists on his left flank. No doubt he thought his "Dear Muslima" letter was a rhetorical triumph over the Islamic world he finished typing it into his laptop, but little did he know, it would prove to be his undoing. Yes my atheist and agnostic friends, Dawkins was no match for the feminists, Muslims and Muslim sympathizers!

Richard Dawkins complains about being bullied by women

After his defeat at the Battle of Waterloo and his subsequent exile, Napoléon Bonaparte was never able to regain power. The same is true of Dawkins' Elevatorgate defeat at the hands of feminists.

However, unlike Bonaparte who took his defeat like a man, Dawkins pleaded with the feminists to keep a stiff upper lip and suffer the unwanted sexual advances by atheist men like a man. But they just wouldn't listen. Why Can't a Woman Be More Like a Man?, Dawkins asked himself repeatedly.

And unlike Bonaparte, Dawkins whined about his defeat. Dawkins retracted his apology to the feminists and then complained about being muzzled and bullied by feminist women.

Specifically, the Washington Post reported on November 18, 2014:

“I don’t take back anything that I’ve said,” Dawkins said from a shady spot in the leafy backyard of one of his Bay Area supporters. “I would not say it again, however, because I am now accustomed to being misunderstood and so I will . “

He trailed off momentarily, gazing at his hands resting on a patio table.

“I feel muzzled, and a lot of other people do as well,” he continued. “There is a climate of bullying, a climate of intransigent thought police which is highly influential in the sense that it suppresses people like me.”

Recent criticism of Dawkins has come from women, many of them within the atheist movement, which has long drawn more men to its ranks. His online remarks, some women say, contribute to a climate they see as unwelcoming to female atheists.

Writing for Salon last month, atheist activist Amanda Marcotte said: “People like Dawkins . are the public face of atheism. And that public face is one that is defensively and irrationally sexist..."

Some atheist men, too, are unhappy with Dawkins’ most recent remarks[11]

Question: What real men complains about being bullied by women! Would Napoléon Bonaparte complain about being bullied by women? Godless men and women, just admit it: Richard Dawkins, the champion of militant agnosticism, is a girly-man!

The mullahs laugh the "superior new atheist intellect" of Richard Dawkins

The mullahs laugh at the "superior new atheist intellect" of Richard Dawkins. Dawkins was defeated by feminist women thanks to his obsession with Muslims! And to the best of the mullahs' knowledge, unlike some Muslims, Richard Dawkins has never been awarded a Nobel prize in science![12]

See also: The day Elevatorgate occurred has been called the day the atheist movement died.

Richard Dawkins vs. Barack Hussein Obama and Islamacists

See also:Richard Dawkins vs. Barack Hussein Obama and Islamacists and Atheism vs. Islam

The Guardian's article Richard Dawkins, 'Islamophobia' and the atheist movement declared:

Meanwhile, Dawkins...has taken to spouting the sort of rhetoric that wouldn't seem out of place at a BNP meeting. I'll be charitable, and suggest that his swiftly-deleted retweet of a link to a website that exposes the 'secret Islamist infiltration of the Obama administration' was a slip of the mouse.[13]

The New York Times states:

Mr. Obama recalled the opening lines of the Arabic call to prayer, reciting them with a first-rate accent. In a remark that seemed delightfully uncalculated (it’ll give Alabama voters heart attacks), Mr. Obama described the call to prayer as “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset."[14]

There you have it folks! What more proof do we need? Cased closed: "secret Islamacists infiltration of the Obama administration". Checkmate Dawkins detractors and atheist Muslim sympathizers! Barack Hussein Obama has been busted!

As can be seen HERE and HERE and HERE, the Islamacists in Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and Pakistan have completely squashed what little interest there was in Richard Dawkins. No doubt the Islamacists were assisted by the Barack Hussein Obama administration which was secretly infiltrated by Muslims!

We know that history is not Dawkins' strong suit nor is the strong suit of many atheists. Has Richard Dawkins' Islamophobia turned him into a conspiracy nut?

John Lennox pointed out to New AtheistRichard Dawkins that Dawkins claimed in his book The God Delusion that Jesus may have never existed and that Dawkins errantly claimed that ancient historians have some disagreement on whether Jesus existed or not. After some additional discussion with Dawkins, Dawkins conceded that Jesus existed and said, "I take that back. Jesus existed".[15]

Although Richard Dawkins changed course in his debate with John Lennox and admitted that Jesus existed, as far as the resurrection of Jesus Christ, does Dawkins believe that Jesus' apostles died for a lie due to a conspiracy?

See also:

Atheism vs. Islam vs. Christianity

Of course, after all the dust settles, Jesus and the Bible believers will win the Atheism vs. Islam vs. Christianity war hands down. See: Atheism vs. Christianity

Don't miss this picture with a caption!

See also


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According to the web traffic tracking company Quantcast, the web traffic of Richard Dawkins's website fell in 2012.[6] By October of 2014, the web traffic for his website fell to a lower level according to Quantcast.[7]

The website traffic is measured via Quantcast which directly measures Dawkins' website traffic via embedded code on his website.[8]
The above graph shows the monthly website traffic to Richard Dawkins' website as of June 22, 2015 in terms of unique monthly web visitors.[9] As you can see above, in 2012, Richard Dawkins saw a very large decrease in web traffic.

The website traffic is measured via Quantcast which directly measures Dawkins' website traffic via embedded code on his website.[10]
After his defeat at the Battle of Waterloo and subsequent exile, Napoléon Bonaparte was never able to regain power. The same is true of Dawkins' Elevatorgate defeat at the hands of feminists.
Due to his Islamophobia, has Richard Dawkins begun to distrust Barack Hussein Obama? Despite Dawkins' Islamophobia, I thought they were both liberals!
Richard Dawkins hiding from the British Muslim horde.

Unfortunately for Richard Dawkins, his neighborhood has been turned into a no-go zone due to mean-spirited Muslims wishing to intensify his Islamophobia.

If only the irreligious didn't have a sub-replacement level of fertility. Then godless Britain wouldn't have to import so many Muslims!

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