Crimean War Essay

The Crimean war was fought between Russia and Turkey. But England and France sided with Turkey due to their own interests. Piedmont had no interest of her own in this war, because neither she was the enemy of Russia, nor she had any interest in the Eastern Question.

In spite of this, Cavour decided to send the army of Piedmont in support of England, France and Turkey. It was, no doubt, risky but also smacked of a sheer opportunism.

He was a farsighted man who wanted to seek the friendship of England and France and gain the sympathy of those great nations for the problems of Italy. In the words of Marriot:

"It was seemingly a crazy enterprise. But Cavour's rashness was always the result of prudent calculation. That he was playing for high stakes he knew; but he was confident of victory."

In the war of Crimea, the future of Italy was decided. A treaty of Paris was concluded in 1856 to which Cavour was also invited. There, he got a chance to put the problems of Italy before the Great powers of Europe. He declared that the root cause of the problems of Italy was the influence and dominance of Austria. He clearly said:

"Austria is the arch enemy of Italian independence, the permanent danger to the only free nation in Italy, the nation which I have the honour to represent."

It was the great diplomatic success of Cavour. Though he could not take any direct advantage from the Crimean war and the treaty of Paris, still they helped him in boosting his own prestige and the political power of Piedmont.

The countries of Europe like England and France accorded their recognition to the war of independence of Italy. In this way, the problems of Italy turned into international problems. Cavour was very much pleased with his success. He said:

"The Italian question has become for the future a European question. The cause of Italy has not been defended by demagogues, revolutionists and party men, but has been discussed before the plenipotentiaries of the Great Powers."


A List of the Most Impressive Persuasive Essay Topics on the Crimean War

If you need to write a persuasive essay about the Crimean war, you should utilize your logic to show that your argument is more legitimate than another argument. The main goal of this kind of writing is to persuade your reader to agree with your point of view or accept your idea. You should therefore provide sound reasoning, along with interesting facts, good examples, and expert’s opinion.

The Crimean war research allows students to develop many controversial arguments, choose one side of the problem, find convincing evidence, and write a structured paper. However, the first important thing to do is selecting an impressive topic. You should be well informed about it, be able to stick all your ideas to the topic, and have enough material to support your thesis statement. The following persuasive essay topics on the Crimean war are composed to help you come up with your own idea:

  1. The main causes and events that led up to the Crimean war.
  2. Determine the key reasons of the conflict between France and Russia, select the one that you consider the most important, and provide quotes of politicians to support your idea.

  3. Technology as the main cause for the Allied victory.
  4. Outline the importance of technology in producing the Allied victory by describing how the completion of a railway between Balaclava and Sevastopol immediately solved the army supply problems.

  5. Mutual fear of the European countries as the cause for the Crimean war.
  6. Claim that mutual fear of Russia, the United Kingdom, France, and the Ottoman Empire, not mutual aggression, caused the conflict and support your thesis with historical facts.

  7. War poems: a source of knowledge about the event or a piece of art.
  8. Argue whether it’s a good idea to use poems and other pieces of literature to learn more about the conflict.

  9. Arguments towards studying the Crimean war under the just war theory.
  10. Analyze whether it’s possible to study the conflict under this theory, choose the side, and provide solid arguments to support your position.

  11. A breakthrough in field surgery: Nikolai Pirogov and his innovative approach.
  12. Consider the conflict in the Crimea in 1853-1856 as a possibility for developing innovations in medicine; describe the findings of Nikolai Pirogov, and how they helped to save lives.

  13. The untold story of nursing in the conflict.
  14. Consider the level of medical care in the middle of the 19th century, outline the role of nurses in saving lives during the conflict, and tell the story of Florence Nightingale, a British nurse who volunteered to make a difference.

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