A Frightful Night Essay Titles

Scary Short Story Titles and Your Imagination

When coming up with ideas for titles for scary short stories, use your imagination.

If you want somebody to be able to tell from just the title of your story that the story is scary, then making the title of your story sound scary is important, but if you use your imagination you could use just about any titles for your scary short stories.

Imagine words that don’t usually sound scary being just perfect for a scary short story title. It’s possible, with imagination – and you need a good imagination to be able to write a good scary short story anyway.

Look at each of the suggested ideas for scary short story titles in the list below. They don’t all sound scary, do they? But they could be …

Imagination is a wonderful thing – even a scary thing.

Dreaming up titles for scary short stories

Use your imagination to take any few words and make a scary short story title out of it.

Disclaimer: I used nothing but my imagination to come up with each of the scary short story titles below. Apologies to the original authors if any of these titles are already in use.

Scary Short Story Titles 1 to 10

The Old Calendar
Beneath Her Shoes
Underneath the Bush
Don’t Leave the Window Open
Have You Locked the Door?
The Ball of String
The Rope That Was Too Short
The Movie Theatre
Back to Square One
Rapid Knocks

Scary Short Story Titles 11 to 20

Hanging Hung Jury
Chilling Visions
Cold Elbows
Rigid Folk
No Accident
Not Seeing
Untold Thoughts
Yesterday’s Tomorrow
The Thing in the Pool
The Tip of the Pencil

Scary Short Story Titles 21 to 30

Beckoning Fingers
No Children Allowed
Children Only
Small Enough To Get In
The Missing Street
Angry Forest
Moody Assumptions
Small House Big Room
Toe Hunter
Red Revenge

Scary Short Story Titles 31 to 40

Pieces on the Beach
Never Turn Your Back
It Approaches Slowly
Gory Games
Creaking Cracks
Pile of Pebbles
Over and Over Again
The Sour Breeze
Who Gets the Second Chance?
Nowhere To Go But Inside

Scary Short Story Titles 41 to 50

Not Her Reflection
Not the Right Bus
Dirt Under Its Nails
That Place Nobody Goes To
Glass Eyes in Fake Heads
No Blinking
Not a Lucky Charm
Drifting Darkly
It Smells Like Wrong
Water Chaser

More Scary Short Story Titles!
This list of fifty scary short story titles should give you at least another 40 ideas for titles for scary short stories. Simply change a word or two in the titles, or jot down everything each title makes you think of.

General Short Story Titles

For the titles that don’t seem scary at first glance, consider also using them for short stories that weren’t meant to be scary. This list of scary short story titles should give you ideas for not only more titles for scary short stories but also for other stories, even for non-fiction articles. Using one’s imagination one can look at a suggested title, and think of many topics to write about that might suit that title.

Let’s look at three of the titles:

The Ball of String
A cute or sad story about a kitten; an article about how to crochet something using string; an article about home decor using string; a funny story about Christmas tree decorations. Scary story ideas: A ball of string that wraps up and smothers people all on its own; what somebody finds hidden in a ball of string; how adding a tin can “pretend telephone or two way radio” onto one side of the string allows somebody to communicate with somebody (somebody odd or scary) they can’t see on the other side of the string.

Angry Forest
This title does already sound a little scary, but not that much so. An article about deforestation; a children’s story about angry but sad trees in the forest that talk to a little boy about their concerns and then what the little boy does to save them; Scary story ideas: How the trees in a forest “come alive” and seek revenge on the townsfolk of a little village who have started to destroy the forest; a story about how the forest animals attack people who explore it due to the animals having witnessed something really bad happening in the forest years before.

The Sour Breeze
A funny story about trying to get rid of a sour milk smell in the house; A funny children’s story about how a little boy or little girl (or even a group of children) come to decide that they no longer like sweets; a dramatic, romantic, and ultimately happy-ending story about a married couple who seem to be heading for a divorce but then something happens to make them realise they still love each other, a recipe article about how to make a really easy but yummy lemon fridge tart. Scary story ideas: a story about discovering the source of a sour breeze that wafts through a town at a certain time every night; a story about sour thoughts and what horrible things these thoughts make people do.

Whether scary stories bore you or keep you up at night, use your imagination when it comes to writing scary stories or any other type of stories, and always have fun. The more you enjoy what you are writing about, the better the end result. You can also improve your writing skills by doing some short and inexpensive writing or grammar courses, perhaps online at places like Udemy – browse though all sorts of courses that you could start right away at Udemy – Start learning on Udemy today!

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The Scary Night (Creative Writing) Essay

My body shivered. I started to sweat and bite my nails. I hugged my pillow as close to my body as the water pounded furiously outside. The wind made weird, frightening noises outside while the house inside creaked. I payed close attention to all these noises as I unblinkingly watched the T.V. monitor.

"Maybe this was a bad idea", I said to myself as I dug my nails into my thighs. Maybe it was a bad idea to stay home alone in the middle of the night, as it rained furiously outside while thunder struck the ground every minute. Maybe it was a bad idea to watch "The Ring", the scariest movie ever, while the wind howled like a dog outside.

I paused the movie to get up and make sure the doors were all locked, at least this would make me feel safer. My parents wouldn't' be home for at least a couple of more hours, since they had gone to a far off dinner party I had wished not to attend. Instead, I chose to stay at home by myself at night, watching scary movies, because nothing scares me, I thought. I sat back down to watch the T.V. and began to once watch the movie. As the movie progressed, so did my fright.

Outside, the rain fell harder and harder while the thunder sounded louder and louder. I clutched my pillow closer and closer to my chest while the movie got scarier and scarier. The lady in the movie was alone too, just like me. She was sitting down watching cartoons, I was sitting down watching horror movies. We were both in a big house, all alone. Then "BOOM!" thunder struck.

"BANG!" Something fell upstairs. I jumped out of my seat and stood still listening for something else. Then "BOOM!" thunder struck again, but nothing fell this time. Thinking all was good again, I sat back down.

"RING!" The

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