Islamic University Of Pakistan Sialkot Admissions Essay

The establishment of the University of Gujrat, Sialkot Sub Campus has introduced a new era in the domain of higher education in the fertile region of Sialkot. Though this sub campus is relatively young but we are condent that with commitment and sincere efforts we shall be able to achieve excellence in research and education. We will continue to adapt, evolve and respond to the challenges in research and academia in the global context. The core purpose of a university is learning and at its best, our campus is a community of learners. To learn is to be changed and the deeper and more profound the learning is, the more significant is the change. Students in UOG Sialkot Sub Campus get every opportunity to enhance their knowledge, as well as to acquire intellectual skills and habits which transform them into productive citizens. In this process teachers certainly are facilitators. However, they are also learners in their own capacity as they engage in purposeful teaching and in scholarly and creative work. We have a commitment of providing quality education at affordable fee structure and we believe UOG Sialkot Sub Campus will prove to be instrumental in bringing about a remarkable social, cultural and education uplift in the whole region.

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